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don't be a hater, be a congratulator

Friendly reminder the princess is in a different castle. I still have three hundred followers on here for some reason, so yeah, bring ya booty on over.

"… aside from making a sweet face there …" (x)

I'm dying and they're laughing

Friendly near year later reminder that I am living it up in a different home. in case you were living under a rock during the time i moved and possibly liked me and want to find me again.

Same shit. same url. same layout. blah blah. But starting over. :P

So go here and refollow me: http://soundofechelon.tumblr.com/

Thinking about making a new tumblr.

I love this one to death and I’ve had it for years, but I want to start over. I follow too many people for me to go through and unfollow and I want things to be more organized as well.

I will never delete this one because all the stuff I have made is on here and there are so many memories.

If I make the new one I promise to put up a link right away for people that want to re-follow me.


Arie’s brother thinks that Tyler Perry is Tupac. 

Yes, he thinks Madea is Tupac.

xD RIGHT? OMG, I swear I can’t with him.

He thinks everyone is Tupac in disguise. 

I’m just all…

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Anonymous asked: I can help take away your pain if you let me rub them.

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meanwhile in my head…….


So, I was a genius about two hours ago.

I had a couple pieces of ham un-thawing for about ten minutes in the microwave to make a sandwich.

Well… I had the bright idea of oh ya know… tipping the bowl to check it the meat was all the way unthawed.

My brightest. idea. ever.

Water spilled down onto my left tit and the pain was so fucking bad. Like, I couldn’t even scream. asdfjkadfsk

It still hurts a lot, two hours later with aloe vera and an ice pack in my shirt. But whatever. That’s what I get for being so smart.